Schneider Electric

Power Circuit breakers & Switches

Electrical Distribution Switches

TeSys mini-vario - Safety switch disconnectors

  • TeSys wall-mounted DOL starters LG, LJ
  • Enclosed DOL starters are used to control starting or stopping of the machine
  • TeSys motor-starter solutions incorporate 2 auxiliary contacts which allow them to be integrated in safety wiring diagrams
  • TeSys Vario switch disconnectors
  • Installed on an enclosure or in a cabinet, these rotary control switch disconnectors act as circuit load breakers
  • Available in open or enclosed version
  • Fixed on the front panel or DIN rail mounted
High Current Air Circuit Breakers

EasyPact MVS - Power Circuit Breakers 800 to 4000A

  • EasyPact MVS, the new range of power circuit breakers available in 3/4 pole versions with fixed/draw-out type & manual/ electrical operated versions
  • Conforms to IEC 60947-2 &3
  • Single frame size for full range
  • Icu = Ics = Icw (1sec) = 50 kA offers complete discrimination with the downstream breakers.
  • Suitability for 690V applications
  • Intelligent ET range of trip systems with current & voltage measurements.

Masterpact NT - High current air circuit breakers from 630 to 1600 A

  • 630 to 1600 A high current circuit-breakers

Masterpact NW - From 800 to 6300 A high current air circuit-breakers

  • Nominal current:800 to 6300 A
  • Breaking performance:42 to 150 kA at 220/415 V AC
  • Voltage rating:up to 690 V
  • 2 physical sizes from 800 to 6300 A
  • A single pole pitch of 115 mm
  • 3 and 4-pole versions
  • 4 Micrologic control units enriched by measurement, energy management and network analysis functions

Micrologic - Control units for Compact NS 630b to 3200 and Masterpact NT - NW

  • 4 levels of protection against overloads and short-circuits
  • Built-in earth leakage protection
  • 3 types of measurement:A (Ammeter), P (Power) and H (Harmonics)
  • Advanced alarms and protection
  • High degree of measurement accuracy
  • Operating dependability:separation of control unit functions
  • Event diagnosis
Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Compact NS < 630A - 100 to 630 A moulded case circuit-breakers

  • Nominal current:15 to 630 A
  • 4 breaking performances from 36 to 150 kA at 415 V
  • Voltage rating:up to 690 V
  • 2 physical sizes from 15 to 630 A
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole versions
  • Isolation with positive break indication
  • 5 types of electronic and thermal-magnetic protection

Compact NSX 630A - 100A to 630A circuit-breakers New generation

  • Compact NSX is the next-generation circuit breakers. A power monitoring unit enhances their invariably impeccable protective functions. For the first time, users can monitor both energy and power, offering new performance in a remarkably compact device.
  • ntegrated monitoring
  • New breaking capacities
  • 100% service continuity

EasyPact CVS - MCCB with adjustable settings

  • The EasyPact CVS range is the Designed to meet the requirements of the majority of the applications, the new EasyPact CVS circuit breakers deliver a level of performance and cost-saving functionality that is unusual in their price range.
  • Features:
    • Rated current from 100 to 800 A
    • Breaking capacity from 25 to 50 kA at 400/415 V
    • 3- and 4-pole versions
Motor Circuit Breakers & Switches

TeSys GV2 - Circuit breakers 0

  • Manual and local control, when the motor circuit-breaker is used on its own, and automatic and remote control when combined with a contactor
  • Motor protection provided by thermal-magnetic devices built into the circuit-breaker
  • No live parts are accessible to direct finger contact
  • The addition of an undervoltage trip enables the motor circuit-breaker to be tripped if voltage is lost
  • The addition of a shunt trip enables remote control of tripping
  • The control for the open or enclosed motor circuit-breaker can be locked in the “N/C" position using 3 padlocks
  • Connectors: spring terminal, screw clamp

TeSys GV3 - Circuit breakers up to 30 kW

    Can be easily integrated with all configurations, thanks to their 55 mm standard width and rail Din fixing.

    GV3 P Thermal-Magnetic Breaker:

  • 7 ratings from 9 to 65 A used for magnetic and thermal motor protection from 5,5 to 30 kW.
  • GV3 L Magnetic Breaker:

  • 5 ratings from 25 to 65 A used for magnetic motor protection from 11 to 30 kW.

TeSys GV7 - Circuit breakers up to 110 kW

  • Rocker lever control
  • models: GV7-RE, GV7-RS
  • 8 ratings
  • Optional door-mounted control
  • Short-circuit trip threshold: average 13 In
  • Rated current with 415 V: 12…220 A
  • Breaking capacity with 415 V (Icu) in accordance with IEC 947-2: 25…70 kA
  • Connectors: screw clamp