Power Supply Modules

Product Features:
  • Compact, light weight and SMPS design
  • Versatile and easy snap-on mounting on Din-rail
  • Very low ripple and noise
  • Regulated and adjusted output
  • Protection against over voltage, short circuit and over load
Product Features:
  • Micro-controller based design with world class Indian software.
  • Non-contact sensing through reflected light beam on reflective sticker.
  • LCD display
  • Input sensing indication through LED.
  • Memory facility to retain measured value.
  • Portable, lightweight, strong and elegant ABS enclosure.
  • Accuracy: 1RPM up to 5,000 RPM and 0.05% of the reading above 5,000 RPM.
  • Resolution: 0.1RPM up to 5,999 RPM and 1RPM at and above 6,000RPM.
  • Calibration certificate provided along with tachometer - traceable to national and international standards.
Product Features:
  • 5 Digit LCD Display
  • Start signal- continuous, 12V AC to 240V AC, 12V DC to 220V DC
  • Battery operated
  • Reset terminal available at rear for resetting.
  • Resolution- 1Hr (1 sec if min: sec button on front panel is pressed.)
Time Switches
Product Features:
  • Battery operated (2nos x 1.5V DC, AA size) Real Time Clock in 24 hour format.
  • Switches ON and OFF 4 times in a day with respect to real time
  • LED indication for relay status.
  • LCD display for real time clock.
  • User Friendly programming.
  • Manual over ride facility.
  • Clock hours and Clock minute buttons can be enabled by shorting terminals to program RTC.
  • TS-203 : Suitable for Panel / Flush mounting
  • TS-203B : Program hour and program minute buttons can be enabled by shorting terminals to program the load’s START time and DURATION for which the load should be ON
  • Suitable for Din rail mounting.